A History of Service

We are blessed with a vide variety of locally grown products in Georgia, and we have farmers to thank for that. Georgia Farm Bureau is a grassroots, membership-based federation whose purpose is to help farmers and advocate for Georgia's agriculture industry. Since its inception in 1937, Georgia Farm Bureau has fulfilled that promise in a multitude of ways, including the establishment of the Georgia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company.



Protecting Farmers

Prior to the 1960s, farmers did not have many options for insuring their farms and equipment and protecting their largest investment. In 1958, Georgia Farm Bureau established the Georgia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company to offer more options to farmers and rural communities.

Protecting Families

Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance has grown over the years and now offers many types of coverage for farmers, business owners, individuals and families all across the state. Everyone at Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance - from the agent who walks you through your coverage options to the adjustor who handles your claim - knows that we aren't in the business of selling a product. We are making a promise. Georgia Farm Bureau keeps its promise daily through its friendly agents who go the extra mile, and by deploying one of the fastest claims response teams in Georgia.

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Serving Communities

Each insurance agent who represents Georgia Farm Bureau embodies the same servant spirit that helped establish the original federation. With an agency located in almost every county of the state, Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance is Always the Home Team, and each agent strives to be a meaningful contributor to the community they call home.

Whether you are a farmer, or simply enjoy locally grown food and fiber, please consider Georgia Farm Bureau for your insurance needs. Members of Georgia Farm Bureau support programs that promote a safe and abundant supply of Georgia agriculture products. Learn more about the mission of Georgia Farm Bureau at GFB.org.