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Without a doubt, Georgia has some of the most productive agriculture in the country. Our southern state produces peaches, pecans, poultry, and peanuts that are both mouth-watering and award-winning. We believe that Georgia farmers are the best in the country; that’s why they deserve the very best farm insurance. For the latter, Georgia Farm Bureau is here to help our farmers.

As a Georgia farmer, you need farm insurance you can trust. In addition to unexpected accidents, a farmer is up against the elements year-round. Whether it’s summer’s scorching heat or winter’s cold spells, your farm needs protection against Mother Nature’s curveballs. We know that you can’t prevent natural disasters or accidents from occurring. But, that’s exactly why farm insurance is so incredibly important. When you team with Georgia Farm Bureau for your farm insurance needs, you can create a custom insurance package that covers your unique farm risks and exposures to loss such as:

  • Farm & personal liability to others
  • Farm fleet automobile coverage
  • Farm structures & equipment
  • Irrigation systems
  • Large farm machinery
  • Your home

Whether your farm is your livelihood or your hobby, Georgia Farm Bureau wants to help you succeed. By teaming with us, you are choosing a company that has extensive experience in the farm insurance industry and people who are passionate about Georgia farmers.

Why Choose Georgia Farm Bureau for Your Farm Insurance

When you’re searching for farm insurance in Georgia, you want to choose a company whose main goal is to help you thrive. That’s why it’s no surprise that Georgia Farm Bureau is the largest farm insurance company in Georgia. After all, it’s the reason why we founded the company. We want to help Georgia farmers continue producing the best products that are sold to our neighbors. Georgia Farm Bureau is committed to Georgia farmers because we want to be part of our state’s healthy agriculture.

Crop Insurance with a Georgia Farm Bureau Agent

Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance employs a team of experienced crop insurance agents across the state who are highly trained and who partner with leading crop insurance companies to offer a variety of coverages to fit your needs.  Georgia Farm Bureau is committed to providing the very best for our farmers. Our agents receive a minimum of 40 hours of training per year, so you can rest assured that you’re working with the most knowledgeable professionals. By partnering with Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance, you’re also investing in a company that invests in you – and the future of Georgia agriculture. 


Some of Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance’s partners include Rain and HailAgrisompo and Crop Risk Services. Reach out to your local county office or email “Michael Smith” Crop Insurance Program Manager at [email protected] to help find an agent near you.


Whether you’re already a farmer or long to be one, talk to a local Georgia Farm Bureau agent today. We will answer all your questions and help you decide what your farm needs to thrive.

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