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How to Insure Your Big Day

So You're Getting Married

Ross Goodman, Sales Training and Communications

You’ve been waiting and planning for this day since you were little. Watching princesses marry princes and maybe even dressing up a time or two. Since the engagement you’ve spent countless hours with vendors picking out attire. You have a lot of time, energy and money invested in your wedding, why not protect it!

Your big day is supposed to be everything you ever dreamed of, but many things can go wrong, things outside of your control.  What if a guest slips and falls, what if there is damage to the venue or other things that you could be held legally liable for? Wedding insurance can help with the bulk of the burden and ensure that you don’t spend additional thousands of dollars due to “crazy uncle Bob” or his children. 

Often times you may not realize that you may be held liable for a guest that trips and falls on the dance floor, a child smearing chocolate on the walls of the venue; or even if a guest becomes sick from the food you served- but you can be! 

Plan on having alcohol at your wedding? Did you know you could be held responsible for the actions of those selling/serving alcohol at your wedding? What if they serve someone under age or someone leaves the event intoxicated and is involved in an accident? Even if you are ultimately not found liable it could still cost thousands to defend a legal claim or lawsuit. 

Many wedding venues now require you to show proof that you have purchased a policy for your big day, but not all. Leaving you exposed and unprotected if something were to go wrong and you weren’t protected. 

Wedding insurance can help with tradition as well. Helping to protect the old, new, borrowed and blue items that you plan on using on your big day. So whether it was a memento or Grandmother’s veil, etc. You can rest assured that if something happens, you have the protection in place to help recover in the event of a loss.

How about the vendors? Wedding insurance can help with wedding photography/videography, and even cancellation coverage. Many vendors require a non-refundable retaining fee for the date and if the date needs to be rescheduled you may end up losing thousands or even the vendor due to other scheduled events.  

Does this sound a bit scary? Not all is lost. With the proper precautions, you can avoid last-minute panic over vendors, caterers, location, and your attire with wedding insurance. Your local Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance agent can help you with wedding and all other event coverage. Be sure to speak with them about the rest of your insurance needs too. As you merge your insurance needs to one family GFB can be your one stop for Auto, Home, Life and even banking products.