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Some Reasons to Review Your Homeowners Insurance


It is important to review your homeowners insurance policy occasionally to ensure you aren’t paying too much or have critical coverage gaps. Here are three reasons why:

You may not be taking advantage to all of the discounts available to you. If you have recently made updates to your home to make it safer or more efficient, you may be eligible for a new discount. Other common discounts include multi-policy discounts and online bill pay. 

A lot can happen in a year, it’s a good idea to ensure you have the insurance protection you need. You may have added on to your home, had a relative move in or a child move out, installed a backyard pool or trampoline, started a home-based business, got a new dog, gotten married, or even purchased an item that should be covered under your homeowners insurance. 


Georgia Farm Bureau insurance agents work with residents in their communities to review their policy and ensure it is the right fit. With an office in 158 of Georgia’s 159 counties, you know there’s a Georgia Farm Bureau location near you. 


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Georgia Farm Bureau provides coverage for virtually every line of insurance yet is different from any other insurance company in the state. By insuring with Georgia Farm Bureau, you become a member of our federation, which supports Georgia farmers and the leading industry in Georgia. Insurance with Georgia Farm Bureau ensures that you and your family are covered, and our growing world has access to safe food and clean water.