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Wherever You Go, We're There With You

By Richard Hart, Director of Sales Training - Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance

Personal property loss can be a difficult experience, no matter if it’s a small fender-bender or significant damage to your home. The good news is, Georgia Farm Bureau is here to help. There are several easy ways to report a claim or incident and your local agent is available to help and answer questions along the way.

How to report a claim

  1. Online. Members who are registered on our website ( have 24-hour, daily access to report a claim or incident, as well as view their policies to review coverage, deductibles and limits.

  2. On Your Mobile Device. Members who are registered users of our free app for Android or iPhone can access the Claim Center 24 hours a day to report a claim from anywhere – even the accident site – as well as request roadside assistance. 

  3. Over the Telephone. You can speak with a live person any time of day or night by calling 855-432-2567 or 855-GFB-CLMS. Know that at the other end of the line, a friendly voice is working hard to help you.

  4. Visit Us. Even if you are away from home, any Georgia Farm Bureau office can provide you with help and assistance in the event of a claim or incident. Any one of our 158 offices are ready to assist at a moment’s notice.

Why is this important to you? Fast and convenient claims reporting means you can get back to your normal routine faster. The sooner we know about the claim, the faster we can respond to you and other parties in the incident.

Prompt claims reporting also can allow for faster and more effective accident investigation and settlement of your claim. Remember, prompt reporting protects your rights under the conditions section of your insurance policy, rights which you could lose if you delay too long in reporting an incident.

We hope you never have to report an insurance claim – but if you ever need us, “helping you is what we do best.” Our claims reporting tools are here to serve you!