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The Importance of Good Sportsmanship

Kasi Gibbs, Agency Manager for the Wilcox County Farm Bureau, believes sportsmanship is a quality that plays a vital role in our lives long after a sport is over. When one chooses to play a team sport, fundamentals often transition into everyday life and in turn a career. Being part of a team teaches you how to work well with others. 

The goal of a team sport cannot be achieved by one single member, rather it takes the entire group working together to reach a common goal. Every individual part is important for the whole goal. This same teamwork-type framework is also found in the workplace. For example, it takes the entire staff or team to make the wheel turn. 

Gibbs explains there are two aspects of sportsmanship – winning and losing. When you are on top, good sportsmanship translates to humbleness and the art of winning gracefully. Those in the winner’s circle should relish in the glory of their hard work and dedication finally paying off. However, it also means not kicking a man while he’s down. 

She believes a good sport will help build up their opponent instead of tearing them down. Good sportsmanship is found in some of the greatest leaders. Gibbs says this extends into the business world where a good leader will strengthen his or her team and inspire them to succeed. 

Obviously, everyone cannot be a winner all of the time. Sometimes it may even seem like a losing streak just cannot be broken. Gibbs believes in those moments, real sportsmanship appears. Instead of being angry at the winners, turn that loss into motivation. Rather than placing blame on your opponent, dig deeper to work harder to better yourself and your overall game for the future. 

Gibbs says this positive attitude can inspire others around you to follow suit and do the same. One person could be the spark that encourages the team to take on that “never give up” mindset. After all, you must choose to be “a glass half full or half empty” type of person. 

Content provided by Kasi Gibbs, Wilcox County Farm Bureau Agency Manager