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So, What Do Students Really Learn From Being a Part of a Team?

Q: What is your best memory from your time on the field? 

A: My best memories were the wins! Can’t say much about the losses, they really stink. Since I played mostly football, just being in a huddle with your teammates is a great memory. One of my favorite memories was actually when my middle school football team won our championship game. In the last seconds, with no time left and on a Hail Mary pass. It was great! It happened again in college during my freshman year. Such a great experience. 

Q: What did you learn from being a part of a team? How did it shape you as a person? 

A: The field is where I learned how to be a team player. You learn really quickly that most games played on a field are not individually won or lost. Learning on my teammates when practice was hard, when encouragement was needed and knowing we were all in it together. From this, I try to teach my three kids never to give up and always have each other’s back. I also coach youth baseball and I teach them things that I learned from the field when I was younger. As for work, I. know that I am not bigger than my co-workers, we all need each other each day. As the quote says, “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

 Q: What sport(s) did you play? 

 A: I played High School baseball, wrestling and football. 

 Q: Where did you play?

A: I played football for a few years at the University of West Georgia after receiving a full scholarship to play, until injuries ended my time there. 


 Content provided by: Dale Bentley, Agency Manager for Cobb County Farm Bureau