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Ag Is All Around


From the football, to the sod on the field, to the towels in the locker room agriculture is all around us. In fact, if affects us in every part of our lives. 

 Let’s take the food that the players use as fuel to prepare for their performance on the field. Without good nutrition and good safe food, they would not be in the shape they are in. Some may even say that the players of today are bigger and stronger than those in the past. A simple observation that could be attributed to the good, clean food provided by our fields. 

 The footballs are leather, which stem from the cattle industry. According to the Georgia Cattlemen’s Association, Georgia has 21 livestock markets in Georgia and together beef and dairy cattle are the third-largest commodity in the state.

 Our trips to the concession stand depend almost solely on farming whether we are talking about the candy, hotdogs, hamburgers or peanuts. Everything is affected by farming and agriculture. 

 According to the most common item consumed at the Super Bowl game is chicken wings. They claim that more than 1 billion chicken wings were eaten during the 2012 game, that’s more than 312 million chickens. The Georgia Poultry Federation says our state produces 26 million pounds of chicken on an average day. 

 There would not be a game to play without agriculture. We depend strongly on our farmers, from the grass on the fields to the cotton in the uniforms, and more importantly having a safe and abundant food supply. 

 Content provided by: Ron Rushing, Agency Manager, Candler County