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The Coach With the Most Impact

Q: What Coach Made the Most Significant Impact on You as a Player?

 Content Provided By: Russ Godwin, Agency Manager for Houston County Farm Bureau


A: I’d have to say my football coach, but they were all equally important to me. I’d hate to single out just one coach. 

But, for the sake of the question I’d have to say my football coach, Coach Charlie Greene. He was from Thomasville, Georgia. He used to have these wise crack sayings and he’d make an acronym for encouraging sports phrases. I remember one particular story it went something like this, “Playing football in South Georgia you have to strike them low like a rattle snake, you know a cobra would never survive in South Georgia because it strikes up, but a rattle snake strikes at you. In South Georgia you have a lot of fast prey on the football field so in order for you to succeed you have to strike fast.” 

He would use little sayings like that all of the time. I learned the importance of repetition from him. I call it disciplined repetition. For example, learning to be disciplined and going through the drills during practice, if you do it the right way and really concentrate on what you are doing you will succeed. If we put in our best efforts and our disciplined repetition, then we can eventually become an expert. 

So, on Friday night when its game time, depending on how well you put in the reps and how disciplined you were during practice will determine the outcome of the game. Coach Greene helped build character, something he implemented in his coaching strategy that has helped me in my work today. 

You can become an expert at anything you set your mind to, if you put in the repetition. If you don’t, you will fall short. Think about what you’re doing. If there’s a mistake, correct it. Continue to put in the repetition and you will be successful in whatever you do. 

Coach Greene was also a Christian and he loved the Lord, that was very evident in his life and lifestyle. His faith carried on into my life. I try to be like him, carry myself in a way that I want other people to remember me by. Like I remember Coach Greene.