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When Players Become the Coach



Mercer University’s Head Football Coach Bobby Lamb says the most memorable lesson a player has taught him is perseverance. He says football is the ultimate team sport and without calling out specific players, as a whole his athletes have risen to the challenge to overcome and persevere on several occasions. 

Unfortunately, football is a very physical game, which often results in many injuries. Some of those injuries may be major or minor but are still setbacks for the athletes and teams that endure them. He recalls young men who have sustained football injuries and as a result had to sit the entire season out. Rather than allow those injuries to stop them, he’s watched them come back a year later and excel even more than they did before their injury. 

“The process of overcoming adversity has been the biggest lesson that I’ve learned.” Says Lamb. “Because they will have to overcome adversity in life, not just on the football field.”

 Content provided by Coach Bobby Lamb