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Cost-Saving Health Plan for Small Businesses

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Have you heard about the Georgia FARM Bureau Health Care Plan for small businesses? It’s an easy, more affordable way to offer health benefits to small business, and also gives you access to one of the largest dental and vision networks nationally. 

In addition to financial protection FARM gets you access to Anthem’s broad Open Access point-of-service network and essential formulary list. 

 This partnership between Georgia Farm Bureau and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield offers participation to sole proprietors and groups with at least two enrolled employees and no more than 50 eligible employees, that fall within a broad range of agricultural SIC codes an opportunity to participate in the FARM plan, a larger, alternative funded pool backed by Anthem. 

 To find out more about this cost-saving health plan for small businesses, contact your local agent, or call Georgia Farm Bureau Member Services at 800-633-5432.  

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