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GFBMIC Launches Auto Premium Return Program

Georgia Farm Bureau has made a promise to its members to be there when they need us most. To keep our promise to our policyholders we are launching our Auto Premium Return Program.

 “Due to reduced driving during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen a reduction in auto claims. As a result, we will be returning a portion of premiums to our auto policyholders,” said Gerald Long, President of Georgia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Companies. “The partial return of premium will vary based on the total amount of auto premium an individual pays. It will also depend on the amount of the reduction in auto claims seen between April 1 and the last day of the month in which the Governor’s Shelter in Place order concludes,” Long said.

If any member has been burdened financially by the response to the COVID-19 virus and needs assistance paying their insurance premium on time, they can contact their local agent or Georgia Farm Bureau’s Member Services Department at 1.800.633.5432.