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Insuring Poultry Farmers


Did you know that the Georgia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company insures poultry houses across the state with a total value of approximately $700 million? This makes our company the largest insurer of Georgia poultry farms by a wide margin. 

We have a dedicated staff of experienced professionals including agents, field underwriters and risk managers who work hard to support our poultry growers by providing them with sound insurance coverage that protects their investments.  Our agents sell the policies while our field underwriters and farm risk managers evaluate the risks for new and existing insurance business to determine if it confirms to Georgia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company underwriting criteria.

Farm Bureau professionals inspect the existing poultry houses we insure every few years. This enables us to detect changes in the physical condition of the houses that occur as a result of age. These inspections also give us an opportunity to visit with farm owners and recommend steps they can take that may extend the life of the house and lead to a safer farm overall. 

For decades, poultry growers have trusted Georgia Farm Bureau with their insurance needs. We value that trust and count it a privilege to serve Georgia farmers. The poultry house inspections we provide are an important contribution to the overall quality of Georgia poultry farms. 

Georgia Farm Bureau may be able to provide insurance coverage for your poultry house operation. This coverage is beneficial to those farmer members who raise chickens, turkey and quails. Georgia Farm Bureau is fully supportive of Georgia agriculture and would welcome the opportunity to discuss our expansive coverage offerings for your poultry farm. Please contact a Georgia Farm Bureau agent for more information


Content provided by Joey Shipp, Georgia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance