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Insure Your Passion

We at Georgia Farm Bureau want to help you insure your passion. Showmanship is a bond between a person and their animal, it’s a relationship built on trust. As members of your local community, our agents work to protect individuals, families and livestock throughout Georgia. In other words, Georgia Farm Bureau has you covered. 

GFB offers a Youth Livestock 4-H/F.F.A. policy for livestock used when showing animals. Insurance coverage may be written to cover loss by death of swine, sheep, goat, beef or dairy calves owned by 4-H or F.F.A. Club members if the animal is part of a project supervised by a county agent, assistant county agent or a vocational agricultural teacher. This policy is beneficial to those individuals raising, training and ultimately showing livestock at events such as a County Fair. 

To learn more about the coverage GFB provides to the animals that students work hard to raise, train and show competitively contact your local GFB agent

Content contributed by Gina Stokes, Senior Director of Underwriting at Georgia Farm Bureau