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The Cost of Storm Prep


Preparing for severe weather and making repairs to your home can be quite costly. lists a few repair ideas based on potential costs. 

Low Cost Options

  1. Review your insurance policy, know what’s covered and what’s not so there are no surprises. 


  2. Create inventory of items in your home.


  3. Check your yard for items that could potentially become flying debris (loose fence posts, mailboxes, etc.)


  4. Anchor down heavy objects


  5. Bring potted plants, bicycles, and other loose items inside or store them in your garage so they won’t be susceptible to wind.


  6. Clean gutters


  7. Check for cracks and use silicone caulk to repair cracks around exterior walls, windows, doors, vents, electrical boxes, and pipes. 

Repairs Under $500

  1. Brace your garage. This could prevent the garage door from being blown inward, which could allow strong winds to damage the roof of your home. 


  2. Fix leaks around skylights 


  3. Remove or close off gable end vents to limit water damage. 


  4. Trim trees and remove overhanging branches and dead trees. 


  5. Repair chimney leaks. 

Repairs over $500

  1. Get a Roof Inspection 


  2. Repair leaks in flashing and in roof valleys


  3. Seal roof deck 

Repairs that are $2,000 or more

  1. Upgrade to pressure-rated windows. 


  2. Get a whole-home generator.