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‘Ask an Agent’- Agent vs Online, What’s the best way to buy Insurance?

The ways of doing business are everchanging, but COVID 19 has brought about many new challenges for consumers and businesses. Much like “a handshake is as good as a contract”, many consumers no longer feel the need to have a specific agent to purchase an insurance policy. We all live very busy lives, so doing business online is convenient thanks to technology. While this works for some, I prefer to meet our customers in person. 

By having an agent, you have a person. A person you can look in the eye and form a relationship with. Maybe someone you consider a friend. A friend you text at 10pm when you hit a deer asking for help. Once you establish that trust with someone, you know they will keep your best interests in mind while managing your insurance needs. When you purchase online, are you reading the fine print? Are you reading the policy when it is e-delivered instead of mailed to your home? Do you really know what type of auto limits you need to carry in order to best protect your family and assets?

These are the things a Farm Bureau agent helps with. We are licensed to properly asses your needs and we have the tools to do so. Georgia Farm Bureau agents live in your community. You see us at the grocery store and church. During COVID 19, our offices have remained open across the state. While our doors were closed to protect the staff, we never turned off our phones or emails. Conducting business this way has been difficult for Farm Bureau agents because we enjoy seeing our members face to face. So, before you click that link and make a decision solely based on the best price, look in your own community for a Farm Bureau agent that can assist you and protect what you hold most dear.

Content provided by Kasi R. Gibbs, Wilcox County Farm Bureau Agency Manager