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‘Ask an Agent’- Special Events Coverage

Are you planning that dream wedding or thinking of hosting a summer camp or local fun run for a charity group?  Are you considering hosting a local band and having your own “Woodstock” event? If you answered yes, then you probably need to consider special events coverage.  

Special events coverage can help you recover your costs if you have to unexpectedly cancel your event due to inclement weather or another catastrophe that may cause you to postpone or delay your special event.  Special events coverage can also offer liability protection if property is damaged or if anyone is injured during your event. 

You can gain peace of mind from having the Special Event coverage in place.  You have worked so hard for that perfect day.  It would be such a shame for the memory of the day to be tarnished by an accident or injury that could cost the host thousands of dollars in restitution.

Think of an open bar at a wedding, the liability associated with that could be covered.  As odd as it seems, terrorism coverage for the event could be available if the host felt the need for it.  Deposit costs for venues and entertainment costs could be recouped if an event policy was in place.

Event venues are defined as the place where something happens, especially an organized event such as a concert, conference, sporting event or wedding. It is not uncommon for a Farm to host weddings or concerts.  It is also not uncommon for a venue manager or owner to require the host to purchase special events coverage to ensure that the venue isn’t held liable for risks associated with your event.  

Talk to your agent today to see how affordable coverage can be for your special event. 

Content provided by Jeremy Brent Worley, Taylor and Crawford County Farm Bureau Agent