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Recognizing National Teen Driver Safety Week

According to the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, traffic crashes are a leading cause of death for teens ages 15-18 years old in the United States and in 2018 there were 2,121 people killed in crashes involving a teen driver. That’s why the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety will be joining National Teen Driver Safety Week this year from October 18-24. 

 Their website lists a different activity for you and your teen to participate in each day during National Teen Driver Safety Week.


Monday features the Quick Click Challenge, a fun activity you can do with your friends or family to see how fast each person in the vehicle can buckle their seatbelt.  


On Tuesday MADD will host a virtual presentation called the Power of You(th). If you would like to participate please complete the pre-survey and  post survey. For more information visit


Chalk the Walk! Get creative and write things like “buckle up”, “don’t drive drowsy”, or “don’t text and drive” Use the hashtag #ChalktheWalkGOHS and tag GOHS on social media with your designs.  


Attend the Virtual Meeting at 4PM with an in-depth ‘Ask a Cop’ session with Officer McDowell from Carrolton PD. 


Check out the pre-recorded video of the GOHS Rollover Simulator

 In 2018, almost 10% of teens that were involved in fatal crashes were reported as distracted during the time of the crash. We all know that mobile device usage while driving is a serious problem, however there are other distractions that can be just as dangerous. Adjusting the radio, applying makeup, eating or drinking or distractions from other passengers in the vehicle also pose a risk while driving. Every week, but especially this week take some time to talk with your teen about the importance of being safe and distraction free while behind the wheel. 

 For more information please visit the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety  website.