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Insuring Your Farm With Georgia Farm Bureau

Whether you’re a farmer or thinking about becoming one, you need to know your options when it comes to insuring your farm. When you’re searching for farm insurance in Georgia, you want to choose a company whose goal is to help you thrive in your business. As the largest farm insurance company in the state, Georgia Farm Bureau is committed to farmers and want to be part of our state’s healthy agriculture. After all, we founded the company with farmers in mind. 

As a farmer, you need farm insurance you can trust. We know that unexpected accidents, summer’s scorching heat, winter’s cold spells and curveballs served by Mother Nature cannot be stopped, but that’s why insurance is so important. Georgia Farm Bureau agents are there to help you navigate through the insurance process and can create a custom insurance package that covers your unique farm risks. You can choose coverage that covers:

  • Farm & personal liability to others
  • Farm fleet automobile coverage
  • Farm structures & equipment 
  • Irrigation systems 
  • Large farm machinery
  • Your home

It’s no surprise that our state’s number one industry is agriculture and Georgia has some of the most productive agriculture in the United States. With diverse products being produced all across our state, we believe Georgia farmers are the best in the country. That’s why they deserve the best farm insurance. Talk to a local Georgia Farm Bureau agent today. They’re ready to answer your questions and help you decide what your farm needs to thrive.