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Keeping the Promise, No Matter the Storm

Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance prides itself on Keeping the Promise, No Matter the Storm.

From our inception in 1959 and into today, our agents and claims professionals continue to make good on their promises. A recent internal audit shows that insurance claims filed for damage related to Hurricane Zeta were resolved in less than four days, on average. Some were resolved within a day.

When you experience a loss, we are proud to be the first one you call. With offices in 158 of Georgia's 159 counties, we have a large team of staff and volunteers that work together in each and every community across the state. Those same people live and work in your community and know what it takes to make it thrive. Because our agents are members of your community, they feel the loss with you and are there to lend a helping hand and a compassionate heart through difficult times. When you partner with a Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance agent, you get more than just a policy, you get a promise and a friend. 

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