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Hobby Farm Program-Insurance Options for Rural Homeowners

Insurance Options for Rural Homeowners

Commercial farms require special insurance products to protect them from losses as both a household and a business; but not everyone who lives in the country is a farmer!   What if you are not a commercial farmer but you love the rural lifestyle?  You may own a few acres, have some livestock, and even occasionally sell farm products.  Do you have to get a complicated Farm Insurance Policy?  Not at Georgia Farm Bureau.  As the largest insurer of farms and farming in Georgia, we know how to insure agriculture and rural living.  Of course we offer farm insurance products for almost every commercial farm, but we also offer a product perfect for the homeowner that loves the rural life – our Hobby Farm Program  



Designed for households where their primary income is not from farming and agriculture, coverage begins with our deluxe HOM Homeowners Policy, which we then customize to cover the Hobby Farm, giving you the benefits of premier homeowners coverage and protection for incidental farming risk.


What is eligible? 

  • Homes on property that is 75 acres or less.  Homes on acreage larger than this will need our Farm Package Policy.
  • Personally owned property (no partnerships, joint ownerships/ventures, corporations, etc.). 
  • Hobby Farms can sell unaltered farm products with annual farm income of $25,000 or less derived from the incidental hobby farm exposure. 
  • No farm or farm labor employees are allowed in the program. 
  • You can own up to 10 head of owned cattle, sheep, swine, goats, horses, mules and donkeys (non-owned livestock is not eligible) 


    Ineligible for the Hobby Farm Program  

    • Farming exposures generally considered as a business, to include but not limited to 
      • livestock used for business purposes, 
      • hunting,
      • custom farming, 
      • full time farming operations

      In addition to getting great insurance protection for your rural home, by purchasing a HOM policy with Hobby Farm coverage you become a member of Georgia Farm Bureau, the largest non-profit advocate in the state for agriculture and rural living.  Protect the lifestyle that you love; Georgia Farm Bureau is here to help. 


      Content provided by: Richard Hart, Director of Sales Training for Georgia Farm Bureau