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What To Do After a Flood – Understanding the Claims Process

What To Do After a Flood – Understanding the Claims Process

A flood can be overwhelming, and if you experience one you will appreciate the decision you made to purchase flood insurance. Being covered during a flood with help you take back control of your home, business and your life.  Let's dive into the claims process:

File your claim

You can file your claim in 3 ways:

Before the Adjuster

  • Take clear photos of the building damage and contents damage.
  • Separate flood-damaged items from undamaged items. Keep all damaged items-don't throw anything away.
  • Make a list of any structural damage that you notice.
  • If you have contents coverage, make a list of flood-damaged items and gather receipts. Take clear photographs of the damaged items. 
  • Generally, your adjuster will contact you within 24-28 hours to schedule an appointment. However, depending on local conditions and the severity of flooding, it may take more time.
  • Review the Summary of Coverage, the Claims Handbook and your policy form.

What to do When You Meet with the Adjuster

  • Discuss any need you may have for a partial payment on your flood loss with the adjuster.
  • Identify any change in Mortgage Company(ies) to your adjuster. 
  • Provide the adjuster with photos that you took.
  • Discuss the Scope of Covered flood damage.
  • Discuss the policy's Proof of Loss requirement.
  • Discuss any policy restrictions or limitations to coverage that apply to your flood loss. 
  • Show adjuster each flood-damaged item that you separated from undamaged items, whether appliance, electronics, personal property or building items.
  • Allow adjuster to photocopy/scan receipts/bills and financial records concerning loss.
  • Identify for the adjuster the cause of loss, and responsible party, if you believe that your flood damage was caused by other than-a-natural event.

After the Flood

  • We recommend you keep all receipts and documents associated with your claim for at least 6 years. It is the policyholder's responsibility to provide proof of repair or replacement to any damaged items after a flood.

If you have any questions or would like more information, contact us today at 1-800-647-8052.


Content provided by: Southern Farm Bureau