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Georgia Farm Bureau Claims: Quick and Flexible

Georgia Farm Bureau Claims: Quick and Flexible


For years the Georgia Farm Bureau Claims Department has been keeping the promise by providing superior customer service. We aim to be there for our members when they need us, providing a friendly voice on the other line no matter the time. Here are a few things that set GFB Claims apart from other insurance carriers in the industry.  


Local Claims Service

  • Georgia Farm Bureau has local auto and property claims representatives in every area of our state. In fact, our entire claims team is in Georgia. 
  • Some carriers use independent adjusters or have claims representatives processing claims remotely from other states or even a call center outside the country. At Georgia Farm Bureau, we have a dedicated call center located right here in our state.
  • Unlike other carriers that often engage with a few larger legal firms located in Atlanta or larger metro areas, our Claims department maintains relationships with defense counsel in all regions of Georgia. These attorneys are familiar with local judges and local issues.  As a result, they are more accessible and better suited to protect our members involved in accidents/incidents with third parties. 

Flexible Claims Process

  • Claims may be reported online through our website, in person through one of our local agents in your county or by phone to our call center at 1-855-432-2567.  We have representatives available on weekends and after hours.
  • Other carriers only provide remote inspections and handling for certain types of losses, with claims representatives often located out-of-state, but at Georgia Farm Bureau we offer in-person inspections on all first party claims and can issue payments onsite if needed.  We even offer the option of virtual and/or in-person inspection for certain types of auto losses.
  • Some carriers strongly encourage the use of certain repairers, even stating that the customer may be liable for some fees and charges which aren’t agreed to by the other insurance carrier. At Georgia Farm Bureau we don’t utilize a direct repair program and we will make every effort to work with our customer’s choice of repairer. 


 Quick Claims Cycle 

  • Georgia Farm Bureau contact, inspection and payment times are consistently better than the industry average for both auto and property claims as indicated by objective CCC and Xact measures.


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Content provided by: Georgia Farm Bureau Senior Director of Claims, Greg Clay