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2021 Farm Safety & Health Week

2021 Farm Safety & Health Week

Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the agricultural sector is the most dangerous in our country with approximately 573 fatalities recorded in 2019 alone. Fall harvest is sometimes the busiest time of the year for farmers, which makes the third week of September an important one to recognize National Farm Safety & Health Week. 

This year’s theme is Farm Safety Yields Real Results and from September 19-25 each day will feature a different safety theme. AgriSafe, an international nonprofit representing health and safety professionals, will also host free daily webinars throughout the week. 

Monday, September 20th

Tractor Safety & Rural Roadway Safety

           A webinar that will dive into the basic hazards associated with tractors and agricultural vehicles and how to prevent.  


          This webinar will examine the shared responsibility of rural road safety and discuss some strategies that can be.

          used to improve safety.  


Tuesday, September 21st

Overall Farmer Health 

                      Other Sectors

                     This presentation will cover partnership building, the evolution of farmer crisis resources in Georgia and the      

                     development of outreach initiatives. 

                     This webinar will cover valuable tools to help you plan for the busy seasons as well as research supporting the  

                     role of nutrition in mental health and wellbeing. 


Wednesday, September 22nd

Safety & Health for Youth in Agriculture

                     Get an inside look into a pilot community-based suicide prevention program. This presentation will help you          

                     identify unique emotional stressors for farmers and farm families. 

                      This webinar will dive into the hazards to youth on farms and also have a featured segment dedicated to

                      prevention strategies related to off-road vehicles. 


Thursday, September 23rd

Agricultural Fertilizer & Chemical Safety

                      The focus of this training is on anhydrous ammonia safety during transport and application.

                       This webinar will address dangerous exposures in agricultural work and the importance of respiratory

                       protective equipment for women. 


Friday, September 24th

Safety & Health for Women in Agriculture 

                      Joins us on the 24th to learn how to confidently step into a tough conversation and promote open

                     communication. Difficult conversations are something that people rarely look forward to but ignoring it and  

                     hoping it resolves itself rarely works.

                      Farmers and farmworkers have higher levels of risk for contracting zoonotic diseases, which are transmitted  

                      between farm animals and humans and can pose additional risks to those who are pregnant. This webinar

                      will help you understand how the disease transmission process works, help you build a team and effectively

                      communicate within that team to prevent the spread of zoonotic disease.


There are several other webinars you can take part in during the week, click here for more information. 

Content provided by The National Education Center for Agricultural Safety.