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What You Should Know about GATE

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Did you know that the Georgia Agriculture Tax Exemption or GATE program provides qualified card holders the opportunity to exempt sales taxes from their agricultural input costs and certain capital items associated with their farming operation? Farmers who qualify for this program can receive a certificate of eligibility for this exemption.  With rising input costs, running a successful farming operation is more challenging than ever. GATE is an important program that allows us to keep Georgia farmers in business and help local agriculture thrive. 

How do you qualify? 

GATE card eligibility is administered through the Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDOA). For more information on how to apply click here


What’s included in the exemption? 

Qualified card holders may receive exemptions on machinery and equipment, repair and replacement parts, agricultural inputs such as seed, feed or fertilizer, and energy. Under the GATE program, farmers are not exempt from all sales taxes.


How much can I save? 

For many farmers, the savings from sales taxes can mean the difference between profit and loss. It is not uncommon for a family livestock operation to spend $500,000 a year on feed alone. Without the GATE program in place, the taxes on feed would be an additional cost of $35,000. 

Members of Georgia Farm Bureau say that protecting this tax exemption program is a top priority to them. That’s why our company remains on the forefront of this issue. We advocate to protect this program from detrimental changes. We also educate farmers and retailers of program rules to ensure that the GATE program remains viable for farmers for years to come.

As a Georgia Farm Bureau member, you help us make sure that programs like the GATE program exist and continue to help support our state’s largest industry, agriculture.  Visit to learn how you can become a member of Georgia Farm Bureau. 



Content provided by Alex Bradford, State Affairs Coordinator for Georgia Farm Bureau and the Georgia Department of Agriculture.