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Tips for after you've been in a car accident


You get a call from a loved one who has just been in an accident. You’re able to confirm no one is hurt, but what next? What advice should you give? These tidbits will guide you through a time of uncertainty and help protect you should any future claims arise. 

Contact Law Enforcement 

Call 911 to report the accident. The authorities will assist with vehicle removal and traffic control if needed. Confirm which law enforcement agency is completing the report and ask for the report number. Obtain insurance information from the other driver, if possible. Doing so will speed up the claims process should the accident report take several days to complete.

Document the Scene

Take photos of the vehicles. It’s a good idea to get a photo immediately after impact, but traffic conditions may not allow. Safety is the priority. Get pictures of the accident scene. Secure the names and numbers of any witnesses. Do you see any traffic cameras in the area? This information will greatly help your insurance company provide a defense to claims made against you. It will also help support any claims you may need to pursue against another party.

Contact Your Insurance Company 

Contact your insurance carrier. Provide the pertinent details and accident report. Your carrier should help you through the process. With Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance, you can report your claim online or call our center 24 hours a day. Vehicle repairs can be handled by submitting photos through an app, or one of our local field representatives will prepare your estimate at your home or preferred shop. It’s about choices, which are numerous with our local claims team. 

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Content provided by Dee Dee Smith, Senior Manager of Auto Claims at Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance

Originally published in Georgia Neighbors magazine