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Do You Have an Insurance Agent?

Do you have an agent?


When asked, you may say “well, of course I do.” But do you really have an agent? Someone who is local, familiar with your community and what is important to you? Do they listen to your concerns? Do they know you by name? Better yet, do they know your family?

Well, if you answered no, you are not alone. In fact, according to Zelros over 60% of women and almost 50% of men surveyed said they do not have an agent. At Georgia Farm Bureau, we know how important it is to have an agent that’s not only located stateside but also has an office right in your hometown. That’s why we say we’re always the home team. We have 158 offices across Georgia, that’s an office in every county, but one. We’re proud to serve and be part of all communities across our state. 

It's not only our agents that are local, but our claims department is also in Georgia. You could say we’re proud to be Georgians at Farm Bureau, and it shows because we’ve been keeping our promises to our members for over 60 years. Our agents help people make confident plans for their financial futures, and we’re the first person they call when something goes wrong. We like it that way and we enjoy being in every community across our great state. 

We value our farmers and what they continue to do in each of our communities. We support them in their endeavors because we realize how important they are to our future. While we’re proud to protect their livelihoods with farm insurance policies we’re also proud to insure all Georgians.

You don’t have to have a farm to have insurance with Georgia Farm Bureau. The “farm” in our name says we support agriculture and when you have insurance with Georgia Farm Bureau, you can support it too. When you become a member of Georgia Farm Bureau, you’re eligible for Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance, and membership is just $35 a year. For the price of a tank of gas you gain access to over 300,000 discounts and benefits. But the biggest benefit is that $35 goes back into your community to help foster agriculture education and support programs that are important to you and your neighbors. It’s insurance with a purpose.  

Get to know your agent today.