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Always the Home Team

Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance, Always the Home Team


Georgia Farm Bureau agents highlight standout high school athletes each week through the Player of the Game program. 

What does it mean to be a Player of the Game athlete? 

Team sports, especially football, are such an important part of American culture. To be named Player of the Game means that an individual player had an outstanding performance that helped lead their team too victory. 

In high school football, athletes tend to have positions on both offense and defense, and sometimes special teams, too. Many times, the Player of the Game makes a big contributions in multiple phases of the game. It might be a touchdown pass form the quarterback, a big catch for a late first down by a receiver, or even a crucial block that springs a big run by an offensive lineman, but all of those individual plays can make the difference for the whole team and earn an athlete the title of Player of the Game. 

How do you choose the Player of the Game? 

Choosing a Player of the Game can be difficult, especially when you have a team that is well coached and has multiple athletes making big plays each week. When multiple players fit the mold of what we look for in Player of the Game honors, we turn to the team’s coaching staff for advice on who had a profound impact that week. 

The award can be huge motivational tool for a player who has been working hard and feeling unnoticed, but finally has a breakthrough individual performance. It will ultimately make them work even harder and contribute to their reams’ success on a greater level! 


Content by Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance Agent, Coleman Fisher and originally published in Georgia Neighbors Magazine