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What is Mechanical Breakdown Coverage?


Mechanical Breakdown Coverage will pay for direct loss to a household appliance in your home. This applies to failure of pressure of vacuum equipment, mechanical failure, electrical failure, including arcing, rupture, bursting bulging, implosion or steam explosion. 


What qualifies as a household appliance? 

This could be a number of things that are located in your home that utilize energy to operate including but not limited to:

  • Central air conditioning systems
  • Central vacuum systems
  • Chairlifts and elevators
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Heating systems, including water heaters
  • Home automation and security systems
  • Saunas, hot tubs, and therapeutic baths
  • Swimming pool pumps and filtration systems 
  • Stoves, wall ovens and refrigerators
  • Well water pumps and sump pumps


How much is covered?

The aggregate limit of $10,000 is the most coverage that will be provided during the policy period regardless of the number of claims made or the number of appliances which suffer a mechanical breakdown. 


For more information on Mechanical Breakdown Coverage contact your local agent or our claims department